I’ve decided to shut Velocibot down. With two kids under three and a graphic design business to run, I just don’t have the time to devote to marketing and generating Velocibot sales. But even if I did have the time to push sales, I don’t have time to run the printers!

So, with great sadness, I’ve put a stop to it. I’ll be using Shapeways for selected products, and I might look at adding other suppliers in future. (Shapeways TPU prices are insane but their prints are outstanding because they use high-res industrial printers. But we’re talking like $200 for a camera mount. Ahem. If anyone wants to get a basically perfect TPU print done by Shapeways, let me know!)

If you’re an existing customer who needs a replacement part, please get in touch and I’ll sort something out.

Thank you for your support!